Who We Are

Who We Are


Steve Marlowe
Founder/Producer/Chief Engineer, TonalityTools Studios

Steve Marlowe of TonalityTools, LLC, Studios & Musician Services, Creator of AngleIrons

When Steve Marlowe founded TonalityTools over 10 years ago, he made a commitment to advance the quality of music reproduction and assist the ever-growing community of discerning musicians who truly care about the fidelity of their music, both live and recorded.  

Having worked with a number of industry artists and professionals throughout the years, Steve’s goal to merge the potential of digital audio with the many desirable attributes of analog when readying recordings for release ultimately lead to the development of Bit Density Processing. 

This unique approach to digital audio has helped improve the quality of sound for many independent and label productions.

As a skilled audio engineer and musician, Steve has one overarching criteria when working on music at all stages… “Would I like to listen to this song again, without compromise? If not, keep at it!” 

From RedOne to Charlie Parker, Butch Vig to Rudy Van Gelder, Dr. Dre to Brendan O’Brian and Andy Sneap, Steve Marlowe’s influences, music styles, mixing and mastering have no limit. He has produced renown jazz greats, historical releases, reggae, hip-hop, indie rock, pop, acoustic and EDM (electronic dance music). And much more. As a specialty guitar collector, he has assembled a wonderful studio-centric “library” of instruments and amplifiers specifically chosen for quality recordings across a wide range of music productions. On any given day, those visiting may hear Kongos, Green Day, Garbage, Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, Christina Perri, the Steve Gadd Band, Dizzy, Miles, Parker, or perhaps Jeff Beck’s latest, Foo Fighters, St. Vincent, Alice in Chains or Béla Fleck and Victor Wooten playing over an amazing array of high-end audiophile equipment throughout the facility. Steve will be the first to mention that influences are vital and respected, but art thrives on progressively moving forward with fresh, unique, creative oomph!

Going places and doing things no one has yet experienced and expressing and influencing in bold new ways…That’s what we do!

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Art does not reproduce what is visible; it makes things visible.
— Paul Klee, artist

Alejandro Gordillo
Producer / Engineer, TonalityTools Studios

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Native to the country of Ecuador, Alejandro started his career in sound and audio production at 16 years of age. He obtained his degree in Audio Production as an honors student in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While at Scottsdale Community College, Alejandro won multiple scholarships as well as top recording student in 2017. He has engineered countless live shows and corporate events, plus worked in top music studios recording, engineering and mixing. Additionally, he is an accomplished musician, producer and arranger for various local artists with full album productions on his wall.

As a member of the TonalityTools Studio Team, Alejandro is a zealot for quality and his care and attention for detail inspires musicians to creatively perform at their very best.

His knowledge and skills with ultra-high resolution recording and production, audio and video software, analog equipment, midi, and real-world successful production techniques maximizes results for every session. (Plus, Alejandro is terrifically friendly to work with!)

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